1. crocket:

    Ancient Rock Carvings

    Qaqotorq, Greenland

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  2. Because of its inherent semantic ambiguities the analog in general - and analog art more specifically - can be seen as subversive vector in the tradition/spirit of terroristic acts. Aren’t contemporary artists the creators of unquantifiable informations? And isn’t unquantifiable information what contemporary western society is most afraid of? What could be more intrinsically hermetic than works of contemporary art?



  5. I know that you think you sound silly when you call my name, but I hear it inside my head all day

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  7. reclusive-genius:

    [karborn 2014]

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  8. libraryoftheprintedweb:

    Soulellis, PaulLaRossa Mix. 2014, print-on-demand newsprint, 8 pages.



  10. hamcruise:

    الهاتف المحمول